lotus flower

lotus flower

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Seventh Law of Yoga: The Law of Dharma from Lee Ann

The 7th Spiritual Law of Yoga: the Law of Dharma

When your life is an expression of your deepest purpose, you are energized and enthusiastic because you are connected to the creative flow of the universe.  Your actions bring fulfillment to you and benefit everyone affected by your choices.
"Yoga found that the most reliable way to live fully is to discover our own dharma - and to do it full out.  To bring everything we've got the the task.
To live fully committed to the gifts that have been freely given us, to cultivate them into a state of profound mastery - and to dedicate our mastery to something bigger than ourselves... In the authentic development of these gifts, we will both find ourselves and transcend ourselves at the same time." ~ Stephen Cope
We commonly use the word DHARMA to "mean purpose in life."
Another meaning of the work is "essence."  Your essence is the heart of your existence.  Your dharma is the essence of who you are. From your essences arise your intentions.  Your intentions drive your thoughts.  Your thoughts give rise to your words.  Your words are translated into actions - into habits of behavior.  Your habits of behavior manifest as your contribution to the world.  This is your dharma.
Although we all have a unique purpose in life, discovering what that is can feel daunting - and actualizing it can be even more challenging.  yet the answers we seek are always within.  We just need to quiet ourselves long enough to hear what our soul is telling us.
Before you meditate or spend time in silence today, ask yourself: What is my dharma?  How can I help others?  How can I serve?  As your mind becomes still, you will be able to hear the wisdom and guidance of your inner self.

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