lotus flower

lotus flower

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


As we wheel along, on our journey called 'LIFE', we discover another road to embark upon and to explore...this road is labelled: SANTOSHA, the 2nd NIYAMA....

Santosha means CONTENTMENT.....am I willing and able to embrace CONTENTMENT at this moment in my life? Am I willing to see the 'glass half full'? Am I industrious enough to make 'lemonade out of the lemons' in my day? 

ANOTHER YOGIC INVITATION: Am I choosing to SEE MIRACLES, as opposed to obstacles? Am I choosing to 'chant: 'YUM', rather than "YUCK' ? Am I able to be HAPPY, here, now? 

Again, and again, on this life's saga, we have the opportunity, the privilege, the chance AND THE CHOICE to SEE, to CHOOSE santosha, contentment.....

What are you choosing today? 

om shanti, om peace, om santosha!

Looking forward to sharing MORE, on this journey, together.....
Lee Ann