lotus flower

lotus flower

Thursday, February 23, 2012


We open our hearts & thoughts, souls & life's purpose to the 5th YAMA~ APARIGRAHA....non-hoarding....huummmmmmmmm!!? How does this Yama translate into MEANING, in my life at this day in time?


What is my body, mind, heart HOLDING ON TO, that NO LONGER SERVES me on this Sacred Saga?

What am I willing/able to LET GO OF right here? right now in my physical realm (annamaya kosha/physical being)? 

Is there extra clutter in my kitchen cupboards, dresser drawers, closet, garage, attic? Too much stuff? 

Better questions might be: WHY AM I HOLDING ON TO THESE THINGS? When did I last use it/them? How many of these items do I have? ...do I need? WHAT AM I WILLING TO RELEASE to Salvation Army, to others?

And PHYSICALLY, within my own body, are there physical maladies that I've been complaining about, which NO LONGER SERVE me?

What am I willing to NO LONGER HOARD? And, as I begin to let go of the pain (physical, mental, emotional), more space is created for MORE HEALTH, more MOKSHA (freedom, liberation)! Huummm!

And in my ENERGETIC BODY (pranamaya kosha/energy sheath) am I holding on to 'STINKIN' THINKIN', thoughts, ideas that NO LONGER FIT? What happens if I CHOOSE to relinquish, release these same ol' thought patterns, and EMBRACE APARIGRAHA: NON-HOARDING of that which is negative, and open myself to possibilities?

I'll never know the answers to these questions unless I LET GO...practicing NON-HOARDING CAN BE a fun adventure, allowing MIRACLES & GIFTS to GRACE this day, in lieu of attachment to things, ideas, people, the past....UNCERTAINTY is a COMPADRE of APARIGRAHA....as we LET GO, we OPEN up to: whom? what? where? why? how? when?...

LIFE is a ROLLER COASTER RIDE...again, you and I have the choice to choose grasping, hoarding, holding on to all that is familiar, or making space for something else? something better? something new?

We'll never know unless we try.... unless we LET GO...."God loves our open, empty hands."~Amy Weintraub

om shanti, om peace, om aparigraha, 
Looking forward to seeing you soon, on this SACRED SAGA called LIFE!

Blessings on your day as you invite APARIGRAHA to join you!
Lee Ann