lotus flower

lotus flower

Sunday, November 20, 2011


In this month of November, of GIVING THANKS, it is ironic to even think about TAKING AWAY....each day of this month is an invitation to GIVE....we ask for whom, or for what am I grateful today? or, am I choosing to TAKE AWAY from myself or another, the potential JOY IN THIS MOMENT? the GIFT of this day, this challenge, this conversation, this friendship, this love?

Novelist Tom Robbins offers us the choice of a daily mantra: Do I choose " YUM" or "YUCK"~ as my mantra this moment? Do I give myself an opportunity to see and embrace miracles, or grievances?

A popular Zen proverb states: "THE OBSTACLE IS THE PATH." Am I choosing, on my yogic journey, to embrace the obstacles? the little, and the BIG obstacles...as part of my life lessons or am I stealing these simple (as well as GRAND) lessons, wishing/willing them AWAY....

Rolf Gates explains that we "no longer have to believe that if YOU win, I lose. We no longer have to defend our opinions, or anything else for that matter. We can begin to live in harmony with the flow of life. We find that we have been like salmon, who, mistaking ourselves for beaver, have vigorously set about damming the river & making lodges. Despite the fact that we find this extremely difficult without beaver teeth and beaver paws, we spend a lifetime working to create the perfect beaver pond. Then an enlightened salmon comes along and explains that the river will take us effortlessly out to the ocean~where we belong and where we will grow into our full salmonhood. We are told that the river we have spent so much energy blocking and hoarding is actually endless and will deliver us to a place of unimaginable abundance. All that is required is for us to stop blocking the flow with our misguided efforts, our misguided beliefs."

To steal, or not to steal...to be honest & truthful or not...

A choice is presented to us again and again...on our paths, what will we choose today? Right here, right now?

Blessings on your choices...on your day...on your journey...

When we meet again, let's explore the 4th YAMA ~ Brahmacarya

Om Shanti, Om Peace,
Lee Ann